Owl in a Towel
Owl and Baby

What’s so special about a towel, you ask?!

Meet Owl: a genderless, preschool-aged bird from an interspecies family with a flair for multi-functional fabric! As the young owlet shows us how to think ‘beyond the bath’, one would incorrectly assume that life with a towel is ‘owlways’ a breeze, but the story hits a snag when a new baby arrives with a towel of their own. Empathize with Owl as they recount the tumultuous highs and lows of learning to be a big sibling, culminating in the mind-shattering moment Owl realizes that compared to Baby’s new towel, Owl’s beloved companion is clearly not cut from the same cloth!

Owl’s story is a timeless reminder that challenges, just like towels, are all about how you interpret them.

Owl in a Towel book

Meet the Team

Lesley Leatherdale

Lesley Leatherdale


Lesley Leatherdale earned a BA in Geographic Information Science and Geology from the University of Western Ontario in 2017. A self-professed INFP, she considers the virtues of empathy, compassion, and tolerance to be of the utmost importance in modern society—especially in an era defined by rapidly evolving social norms, gender identity rights and systemic racism. A geographer by trade turned author/teacher by moonlight, Lesley values every opportunity to communicate with children of all ages and encourage the values she most esteems. Whether it be through private teaching in her spare time or writing children’s literature, she hopes to make a difference in the world one unassuming word at a time.

You can connect with Les on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn.

Cheryl Woynarski

Cheryl Woynarski


Cheryl Woynarski is a graphic designer currently based in Victoria, BC, Canada. In 2011, she earned a BA in Art & Design and Psychology from the University of Alberta and has worked on a wide range of visual arts projects from website design and development to traditional illustration and painting. Cheryl is inspired by this story’s thoughtful exploration of a child’s complex emotions in the face of major life changes—a universal experience shared by everyone, no matter where they live.